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Gmail seemingly just removed the button that lets you triage loads of emails at once

gmail redesign.0

If you’re not the inbox zero type — and I’m definitely not — you might sometimes rely on Gmail’s “Select all conversations that match this search” option to read, archive, or delete hundreds or thousands of messages at once.

Except we can’t do that anymore, and neither can a number of angry Gmail users we’ve spotted. The option has up and disappeared.

@gmail Hey, how come there’s no longer an option to “Select all conversations” to mark thousands as read at once?

I’m typing “is: unread” + selecting the “All” check box, but instead of “Select all conversations” at the top of my screen, it says “No results found”…?

— Laura McQuillan (@mcquillanator) September 30, 2020

incredible that the “Select all…

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