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MSCHF is going to pay people to hate on brands using viral TikToks

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After an escalating series of viral stunts, internet collective MSCHF is taking on advertising itself. On Monday, the collective posted a series of jingles on TikTok aimed as a broadside against the primary source of funding for social networks. Some of the jingles call out the general concept, while others take on specific brands the group has decided to target: Amazon, Comcast, Facebook, Fashion Nova, the NFL, Palantir, Purdue, and even TikTok itself.

“We had our team [do some] digging on them, and found nine that had some form of dirt we didn’t like and wanted to bring to light more,” Daniel Green, MSCHF’s creative strategist, tells The Verge. “Attack TikTok for content suppression. Attack Fashion Nova for stealing designs and using…

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