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Reddit’s top post of 2020 was a Rick Astley photo, posted by Rick Astley

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Image: RCA

Reddit shared today that its most upvoted post of 2020 was a picture from 1989 posted by Rick Astley, the living meme himself. Reddit’s Year in Review blogs can be a good insight into broader internet culture, and the site’s listing of the most popular topics of conversations certainly included the largest issue of the year: “COVID-19” was mentioned over 50.2 million times. But they also include other forms of virality as well.

Rick Astley is known for the single “Never Gonna Give You Up” from 1987, which was already a number one worldwide hit even before the music video for the song was used to create the rickrolling meme. Rickrolls were all the rage during the early 2000s web, and based on the interactions this r/pics post has…

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