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Soon you’ll be able to buy a one-foot-tall figurine of ChilledCow’s lo-fi chill beats anime girl


Jesus. Okay. Look, I like capitalism as much as the next schmuck who blogs for a living, but what is going on right now with regard to the efficient allocation of the Earth’s precious resources?

Let me paint a word picture for you. Youtooz, the company that made a stonks guy figurine, has now created a one-foot-tall version of the lo-fi chill beats anime girl, complete with desk and study materials. You know her; she’s always studying while you’re listening to said beats. According to Hypebeast, the figurine drops for public consumption on April 2nd at 3PM ET.

In theory, I like whatever’s going on here. Before it became something of a meme, lo-fi chill anime beats to work and study to was an inaccurate description of the post-Nujabes…

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