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This AI-powered image editor can help online vendors create unique product shots

PhotoRoom’s new feature has a few issues to work on, but it’s a great example of how AI-powered image generation could be practically applied for small businesses. | Image: PhotoRoom / The Verge

Photo editing app PhotoRoom has launched a new feature named Magic Studio that uses AI to personalize product shots for e-commerce vendors and small businesses.

To use the feature, which is powered by the open-source text-to-image AI Stable Diffusion, users first have to upload an image of their product. They’ll then be prompted to describe the item in a single word (bottle, sneaker, lipstick… you get the idea) and describe a desired background or setting. The feature then automatically removes the background, places the item in the newly generated setting, and sends the images via email to the user within a few minutes. Magic Studio can’t be used on shots of humans or animals.

PhotoRoom raised $19 million for its AI photo studio,…

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