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You probably haven’t used Yahoo in a while, but what if it cost you money?

Image: Verizon Media Group

Yahoo is the legacy Web 1.0 brand that just won’t get dragged and dropped into the trash bin of history, and that’s largely thanks to Verizon’s tireless efforts to keep it going after buying the company a few years ago for nearly $5 billion. This time around, the telecom giant actually wants to expand the Yahoo brand to all of its consumer-facing web properties with a new series of subscription offerings organized around what it’s calling Yahoo Plus, according to a new report from Axios.

It’s important to mention right now, before we go any further, that the official Verizon Media Group branding provided for Yahoo Plus stylizes it as “Yahoo!+,” with that deranged cousin of the interrobang slapped onto the end of it. Apparently “Oath,”…

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